Our Work

The Wolf Group is a national strategic communications firm focusing on branding, grassroots, coalitions and public relations campaigns for associations and corporations. Our extensive network of bipartisan, professional field operatives and strategic partners brings together the best talent from the worlds of politics and business to deliver results for our clients. Services we provide include:

Strategic Communications
Public Relations
Media Training
Crisis Communications
Advertising/Branding Campaigns
Digital Campaigns
Grassroots Mobilization
Digital Grassroots
Market Research
War Room Operations
Research & Media Tracking
Professional Writing Services
Enough Is Enough

Four days before early voting started, a group of notable Dallas business leaders approached us, seeking a plan to impact the upcoming referendum vote on a new convention center hotel. The negative, personal tone of the campaign had caused them to act, though they found themselves 10 points down with not much time. We implemented a top to bottom effort from grassroots and public relations calling out the negative tenor, to a branding campaign on the airwaves and in the mailboxes. The results? Wolf Group helped them take the high ground and win the day by 1 point. TV - Enough is Enough

Stop & Think

We were engaged by American Airlines in their dispute with Southwest Airlines over the use of Dallas’ Love Field airport. Realizing that an AA vs. Southwest battle was a loser, we reframed the debate to be Love Field vs. the neighbors. We organized and executed a soup-to-nuts campaign from the ground up. Message development and training for surrogates that had never dealt with the media to a sustained public relations and grassroots campaign. Those efforts combined with a winning branding campaign across the Dallas metro area helped change the debate. We were able to force Southwest to come to the table and hammer out a mutually beneficial compromise – which was a win for our client. StopAndThink Case Study, TV - StopAndThink

Dallas Cowboys

After building a $1.1 billion stadium, the Cowboys were struggling to sell season tickets in 2009’s terrible economy. They engaged us to restart a stalled sales process with an integrated campaign that set the record straight about prices. TV - Cowboys-SeasonTickets

Grow Louisiana Coalition

Working with our strategic partner who was developing a comprehensive strategic communications plan to frame the oil and gas industry's impact and efforts in Louisiana. Wolf Group is running point on the branding campaign on the airwaves that highlight oil and gas's roots in the community. TV - Grow Louisiana Coalition